Galen's Fun Furry Guest Book

Thank you for taking the time to sign my guest book.

Answering any of the question here is purely optional.
If anything bothers you just leave it blank.
No one sees this data but me. I just like to
see what sort of people are accessing my page.

Your Real Name: 
Character Name: 
        Gender:  Male      Female    Other

Check any that apply:
   I am a Plushophile
   I have a fursuit/animal costume fetish
   I have a nylon ski-wear/winter clothing fetish
   I have a PVC/Latex/Vinyl fetish
   I enjoy erotic furry art
   I enjoy non-erotic furry art
   I am a Furry
   I attended ConFURence or AnthroCon
   I plan on attending a future ConFURence or AnthroCon

What are your favorite plushie or furry critters?
Check any that apply:
   lions, tigers, cats         dogs
   wolves                      foxes
   horses, zebras, asses       seals, walruses, sea lions
   bunnies                     bears
   birds                       bats
   dinosaurs                   snakes
   turtles                     alligators
   weasels                     skunks
   otters                      badgers
   beavers                     squirrels
   chipmunks                   porcupines
   chinchillas                 mice, rats, capybaras
   racoons                     pandas
   lemurs, monkeys, apes       whales, dolphins, porpoises
   elephants                   pigs, cattle, sheep, goats
   hippos, camels, giraffes    deer
   kangaroos                   wallabies
   opossums                    wombats
   koalas                      hedgehogs
   humans                      dragons
   unicorns                    others

If you have any suggestions or need to know more about
something you saw here, please leave a comment, or email
me at: galen (at) velocity (dot) net.

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