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Velocity.Net gives you the best features and the best performance at the best values!

Velocity.Net provides you with both burstable and dedicated, high-speed Internet connectivity options through our Dialup, DSL, Wireless, and Leased Line membership plans. Velocity.Net also offers you the full range of Internet services you need for your home or office at very affordable prices.

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V.92 56K Modem Dialup Memberships

All Members benefit with Velocity.Net's V.92 Modems

Velocity.Net uses only the latest in modem technologies! Our V.92 Modems provide the fastest speeds to all of our members. Plus, if you have a V.92 modem in your computer, you can take advantage of great features like QuickConnect, V.44 Data Compression and the amazing Modem-On-Hold feature that allows you to accept incoming phonecalls while you are online!


Every dialup membership also gives you these great features:

  • No activation, initiation, setup or other hidden fees
  • Unlimited interactive dialup usage
  • Your own E-mail address with FREE web-based interface and FREE Junkmail filters and FREE virus protection services
  • Compatible with all popular Instant Messaging programs
  • 30 Megs of storage space for your email, photos, music or webpages
  • FREE live telephone technical support

Velocity.Net offers several dialup membership plans. Check out these high-performance options available at great values!

Dialup Plans Monthly Membership The Perfect Plan For You!
Monthly membership plan
payable monthly

Our most popular plan saves you big money over other Internet providers. Monthly renewal allows you to access Velocity.Net's great values and great performance while remaining on budget. And, for your convenience, your membership can be automatically renewed each month.
6 Month membership plan
payable biannually ($77.70)
Want to save money and time? With Velocity.Net's biannual membership you not only save money with the discounted plan, but you also save time, since you only need to renew your membership every 6 months.
12 Month membership plan
payable annually ($119.40)
Your best value! Velocity.Net's annual membership plan is less than half the cost of other Internet providers. Plus, we offer you services other providers can't give you at any cost. FREE telephone tech support, NO setup fees, NO hidden fees and the FASTEST MODEMS available make Velocity.Net your best choice for Internet access.
All Velocity.Net dialup plans carry a 7-day, 100% money-back guarantee
on your most recent membership creation or renewal.
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